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Before surrendering your furry family member to NHS or another shelter, please consider:

  • Checking with a private owner regarding rental properties opposed to a management company. They are usually less stringent about pets and breed restrictions.

  • If your pet is showing undesirable behaviors, consult a trainer before giving up on your pet. Most issues can be overcome with a little effort on your part  -  Call Evan Stewart at KPro K9, 904-451-8936

  • If your pet keeps escaping the yard, keep them inside! Dogs are social beings and want to be with their families. Kept outside, dogs become bored and lonely. Also, if your dog or cat is not yet spayed or neutered, get that done ASAP. Getting an animal altered will greatly decrease their desire to escape the yard and look for a mate.

  • If you are needing to surrender due to a lack of funds, consider utilizing our food bank and low-cost veterinary clinic.


If you still want to surrender your pet, here are some tips to rehome your pet in lieu of a shelter:

  • Use social media to rehome your pet. Put them on Facebook and share with all of your friends and family and ask them to share.

  • Offer to foster your pet while a rescue or shelter tries to find them a new home. Shelters are stressful on animals and the transition is easier if they can stay in a home environment.

  • If your pet is purebred, call the breeder or breed specific rescue to see if they can take your dog.

To set up an appointment to surrender a pet to our facility, please call our Intake desk at:  904-321-1647 ext. 106 or email

When inquiring about surrendering your pet, you will need to provide:

  • Your current address as reflected on your state-issued ID or driver’s license

  • The reason for surrendering

  • Timeframe when you’ll be needing to surrender

  • Whether your pet is spayed or neutered, microchipped, and up-to-date on all required vaccinations, tests, and prevention (you will also need to provide any vet records upon surrender)

  • Temperament of the pet

  • Surrender fee. $50 for the first pet and $25 for each additional pet surrendered. This fee goes toward the animal(s) care.

NHS is not an open intake facility so surrenders must be made by appointment only. Pets being surrendered from the city limits of Fernandina Beach will automatically be granted an appointment and all others will be considered on a case-by-case basis, depending on our current space and resources available.

To set up an appointment to surrender a pet to our facility, please call our Intake desk at:

904-321-1647 ext. 106 or email