Here at NHS, we do everything we can to reunite lost pets with their families, from alerting our community through social media to internet searches, and most importantly, microchips. Our return to home process starts with scanning for a microchip anytime a 'stray' animal comes to our facility. The benefits of microchipping your pet are too many to count, but the most important benefit is that this component could be the reason a lost pet quickly finds their way home, rather than spending time in a shelter and running the risk of never reuniting with their family.

Below is a story about one of the countless reasons we advocate for microchipping pets.


Roma was brought to our shelter at the beginning of 2021 by a concerned citizen who thought she may have been abandoned. Shannon, one of our devoted Adoption Advocates, was thrilled when she discovered Roma has a microchip and quickly got in touch with the microchip company to get Roma's family's contact information. Though the phone numbers on file seemed to be outdated, we had a name. Shannon did some research and found a social media profile that appeared to be that of Roma's human mom, so she sent her a message.


Within minutes, Shannon received a reply from Nika. Nika asked if the dog found was a fawn Staffordshire Terrier, and once Shannon confirmed that this was in fact the same dog, we got a tearful yet joyful call from Nika, who informed us that her beloved pup had been missing for several years. Nika, who lives in North Carolina, left first thing the following morning to pick up her long lost family member! 

Though Roma's microchip was not fully up-to-date, it was still the reason we were able to connect with Nika and had the opportunity to witness a beautiful reunion!


Absolutely all of our animals here at NHS are microchipped prior to adoption, and registered with the new family before they even leave the building. We are committed to educating as much of the public as possible about the importance of microchipping and how they can get their pet chipped if they are not already. 

Nassau Humane Society offers microchipping to the public for $20. 

Call our shelter today at (904) 321-1647 to learn more and schedule an appointment to get your pet chipped!


When trying to find a lost pet, you can never do too much. We recommend the following to-do list when searching for your missing family member:

  • Call all shelters in your area to see if anyone has turned in your pet and give your contact information and pet's description if they have not.

  • Log into your pet's microchip profile to make sure everything is up to date. 

  • Post a photo along with details about where and when your pet went missing on social media and ask your friends and family to share it. There are several 'lost pets' Facebook groups to spread the word.

  • Post flyers in the areas where your pet was last seen and include a reward if possible.

  • Post your lost pet's photo on Petco Love Lost.


Nassau Humane Society is a proud partner of Petco Love Lost, a facial recognition program designed especially for pets. With this program,  Petco Love Lost aims to make it easier to reunite lost pets with their families. When a missing pet is uploaded to Finding Rover, an instant search is run to see if there are any reports that match your pet's photo. This program also aids those who have found animals and are looking for their family.

Click here to check out our Petco Love Lost profile!