At NHS, we are constantly looking to improve our organization to better the lives of our animals. Whether we are making improvements to our processes or facility, we always strive to offer our animals the best of the best! These are the current projects we have in mind which specifically cater to drawing in more volunteers to help us thrive!

Back of Blue.jpg

NHS is incredibly fortunate to have such a beautiful facility for our animals and guests alike to enjoy. With that being said, we had the idea to make our shelter more welcoming to those who would like to sit with our dogs to keep them company while they await their forever home: We have a vision of transforming the back of our kennel runs into an area with fresh landscaping and benches where our volunteers can enjoy a beautiful space with our lovely pups! If you or someone you know would be interested in donating outdoor benches or landscaping services, please contact Stephanie Miller via email at or by calling our shelter at (904) 321-1647.

We are constantly looking for support from our community to aid us in our mission to find every animal that comes our way a forever home, but we also like to support members of our community in any way we can. In this case, we feel that we have something great to offer artists: a blank canvas! We are in search of a local artist who would be interested in painting a mural on the side of our medical building facing our courtyard. We feel that this space could be used for something new and bright that expresses our love and dedication for animal welfare. If you or someone you know thinks they are up for the challenge, please submit your proposal to Stephanie Miller via email at

Side of Medical 1.jpg
Main Yard Playing.jpg

To the left is a photo of our main yard where we rotate dogs so they all have the opportunity to run around and burn some energy off-leash and with their friends! We are so thankful to have this space for our dogs, but we feel we could be getting more out of it. We are looking to split up this extra-large yard into two separate yards. The main component we need to help us reach our goal is fencing. As everyone knows, fencing doesn't come cheap, so we are looking for someone to sponsor this incredible project that will allow us to get our pups out more frequently and for longer periods of time! If you or someone you know would be interested, please contact Stephanie Miller at (904) 321-1647 or by emailing