There are several ways you and your community can support NHS. Every bit counts, so whether your kids want to hold a lemonade stand or host a car wash event at your high school, our animals will thank you! Below are some ideas to collect donations for NHS.

Ask for donations in lieu of gifts!

This is a generous act everyone can get on board with! Who knows - you may even start a trend with your friends!

sell some stuff!

Host a bake sale, yard sale, or even a lemonade stand in your community! Declutter and share tasty treats while fundraising for the animals!

unleash your inner artist!

If you’re an artist and looking for a new creative outlet, you donate the proceeds from selling your art back to our shelter! You can make an NHS jewelry line or even paint portraits of our shelter animals! 

Host an ice cream social!

What's better than socializing and enjoying delicious food!? Throw an ice cream social, or even a potluck dinner, with your school or community! Charge an entry fee that will serve as a donation!

Host a car wash!

Who doesn't like a clean car? Host a car wash with teammates or co-workers to benefit NHS!

Give us your spare coins!

We love change! Bring us your coin jar quarterly or whenever is best for you and we will happily accept!

Start a social media fundraiser!

Educate your friends and neighbors about what we do and how we need our community's support! You can even ask local business to match your donations!

Come up with your own fundraiser!

We know how creative and driven you are, so why not come up with your own fundraising campaign?! The possibilites are endless. Call us today to learn how NHS can get involved and promote your fundraiser! (904)-321-1647